A trip to the foreign land? gocashually!


Foreign trip is always exciting, then be it on business or leisure. But the excitement comes with its own hurdles, which can dampen the spirit of the travel. One of the major hassles is carrying of foreign currency in cash or in cheque form. These instruments are prone to theft or damage by natural elements like water or fire, easily. Also the currency rate fluctuation can affect the spends in the foreign land. With various worries plaguing the mind, the trip may not be as joyful as anticipated.

Understanding this predicament of the travel perfectly, UAE Exchange introduces gocash prepaid travel card. This all new travel card comes with various features that make life easy for a travel in the foreign land.

gocash prepaid travel card, comes in four major currencies viz., US Dollars (USD), Euros (EUR), British Pounds (GBP) and Indian Rupees (INR), at competitive exchange rates. This card can be used by travellers, who are on business / leisure trips and students, who study abroad.

One can easily obtain and reload the smart travel card easily from any of the widely-networked UAE Exchange branches in the UAE. It comes with the freedom and convenience of utmost security & easy money management. The card gives high accessibility to the traveller, who can use it online, at POS and ATMs, worldwide. It is also rich with features and benefits, including free travel insurance. The exchange rate gets locked to the rate active at the time of purchase. And it remains so till the next reload, thus protecting the traveller from the loss due to frequent currency fluctuations.

So, travelling will not be the same anymore. The era of smart travel is here. Choose gocash and enjoy your trip to the fullest without any worries.


For more information please log on to www.gocashcards.com


  1. M, ALi

    My brother want to send money from Pakistan. can he send from Pakistan? plz reply at alib20@yahoo.com

    • UAEX Support

      We do not have our operations setup in Pakistan. Request you to kindly contact your nearest bank or exchange house in Pakistan for further assistance. Thanks!

  2. ramkumar m

    if it is any update let us know by mail/SMS, because recently i came to know that gocash card holder can get AIG travel insurance with free of cost. As it is a travel card, the travel insurance is really good and well benefit to the cardholders. i want to know more about the insurance. send the details to my mail.

  3. mitch

    i purchase gocash card, i didnt activate it yet, the teller didn’t tell me need to active atleast two hour only when i open the card and read it from the booklet, can i return this to uae and take my balance that i deposit already? 

  4. ahmed

    what maximum blance in card we put

    whats account validity

    pos domestics and pos forigen
    atm charges

    kindly reply

    • UAEX Support

      1. The maximum balance that can be maintained in a GO Cash Card is 5000 USD.

      2. Gocash card is valid for 3 years.

      3. USD – 3 | EUR – 3 |GBP – 3 | INR – 150 |AUD – 3 | SAR – 10 | CAD – 3 | CHF – 3 | THB – 100 | SGD – 5 | MYR – 10 | EGP – 20 | TRL – 10 | ZAR – 30 | HKD – 25

      4. There is no POS charges for gocash cards. If you do any transaction in a currency which is not present in your card , then 3% of the total transaction amount will be debited from your card as a cross currency conversion charge. And the conversion  charge is applicable for cash withdrawal also.  For more information kindly visit http://www.gocashcards.com or contact us on +971-2-6355625. Hope that helps.

  5. aNGIE

    I was doing the online registration but it always says expired session…was stuck here for 2 days.2ndly i registered my go cash to paypal can i receive money from this account thru paypal….need the answer

  6. Wijeweera

    Can I reload Gocash card in Qatar? that card i have used UAE

  7. krazzy

    i wanna know what card pack id mean ?

    • UAEX Support

      Card pack id means- Card pack ID is 14 digit numbers reflected at the back of the card pack starting with USDxxxxxxxxxxx. This ID is the unique number printed on the outside of the card pack provided to you when it is purchased from the branch

  8. Amine

    I want to know the fees for 
    - ATM Withdrawal  inside and outside UAE
    - ATM Balance Inquiry
    - Online Purchases (UAE and international)
    - On Store Purchases (inside UAE and outside)

    best regards,

    • UAEX Support

      -Balance Inquiry : Balance inquiry will not be available for Multi-Currency cards as the ATMs do not have the facilities to show the balance in multiple wallets.
      -Online Purchases / Normal POS purchases : No Charges if the currency of the transaction is same.
      -Cross currency conversion Fee : For all inter currency transactions(Withdrawals/ Purchases) there will be 3% of currency conversion fee. For Eg:- if you do a transaction for a currency which is not available in the card currency wallets, we will charge you 3 % of the transaction amount for currency conversion. 

      ATM withdrawal Fees :
      USD 3, EUR 3, GBP 3, INR 150, AUD 3, SAR 10, CAD 3,  CHF 3, THB 100, SGD 5, MYR 10, EGP 20, TRL 10, ZAR 30, HKD 25

  9. Arshad

    Dear Sir,
    I need one go cash travel smart card but not me my brother need , am working in dubai but brother studying georrgia Tibilsh  , any option to get card for my brother  

  10. miahhe

    der sir  i bougth this card for   putting in the game but when  i put inside i  got information that   it has no insuffiecient balance  but when i bougth this card i didnt   use it  how can  the balance is gone r can u pls  check this or notify me by phone how  its lost the balance  inside…

  11. La-ah

    I have queries:

    (*A.) I have a non personalized GoCash Card. I want it to be personalized, how can it be possible? Should I buy a new card and request for a personalized one or this non personalized card can be converted to personalized GoCash card.. (*B.) what will happen if (in case) the balance is gone to its minimum which is USD 28.00? (*C.) will I ever know how much balance left in every transactions? (*D) how much is the percentage charges/rates per transaction if used outside UAE – such as withdrawals, shopping and do online payments… ***PLEASE ADVISE ***

    • UAEX Support


      Regarding on Query on Gocash card, below are the replies

      1. Purchasing another card is not possible if using any existing multi-currency card. Converting non personalized to personalized is not active at this time, your feedback is taken into consideration.

      2.You can use the balance available on the card till the balance is ZERO. However minimum load on the card should be AED 100 ( approx. USD 28)

      3.You can check your balance in Gocash self-care portal. Your balance will be updated post every successful transaction through SMS and E-mail alerts. You can also contact call center through 02-6355625.

      4.There is no concept of transactions outside UAE. Customers are allowed to choose any 6 wallets out of 15 currencies currently offered from our side. Any transaction performed by customer in currency selected would not be considered for any additional charges. Transactions performed on other currencies are charged with cross border fees of 3%. ATM withdrawal charges are applicable for ATM withdrawals only. ( Different rates applicable for different currencies)

      • La-ah

        Good Day.
        I tried to go in the link for checking balance but they ask for User ID and Password. I don’t have any. I am trying to search for where to “Sign In” for that unfortunately, there’s nothing. Please advise how can I track my balance tru online and where to sign in, as well. Thanks much!!!

  12. Big

    What happens if i use my gocash to pay for a restricted site without knowing ?

    • UAEX Support

      Gocash cards can be used at any outlet certified by MasterCard. Ideally customers should not use the card for gambling transactions, lottery purchase or any high risk sites. This is mentioned in terms and conditions available with the card pack.

  13. Rehan Ganatra


    This card sounds good for me. Before I should have one need to clarify one question. I would like to know if I load US Dollar in that card and withdraw from Pakistan ATM machine (Cause Pakistani currency is not enable yet)which note will come out. It will be dollars or Rs. and if it’s ruppes what will be the conversion means at the time of Pakistan ruppes against dollar. And on the top is I have to pay any charges to withdraw from ATM? and what will be the charges.

    • UAEX Support

      If any card is used in Pakistan for cash withdrawal then only PKR will be dispensed.

      Since PKR is not part of 15 currencies currently offered from our side, there would be 3% cross border fees and if USD wallet will be used for withdrawal purpose then USD 3 will be charged as ATM withdrawal fees.

  14. omar

    my card was blocked because i was checking my balance every day , and am in malaysia now , how can i solve this ?

  15. Thilak Ravindra Wijeweera

    Dear Sir,
    How can i get my User name & Pass word to Log my account?

  16. Tahir

    Is it possible to withdraw cash from ATMs in UAE using gocash card.
    I have tried to withdraw cash in UAE and it is always declined. I would like to know the reason.

  17. cheng

    i use this already for shopping and also online shopping.. there Is NO CHARGES.. the only charges is when u withdraw money from the ATM Machine..

  18. Steven DOwning

    can i purchase the gocashcard in the USA

  19. Buguy

    Im planning to get this card but it seems like if I use it for online payments, service charges will be added. 

    This card comes with a card no.? A security code? Expiry date? Cardholders name?

    Those things are necessary for making online payments.

    • UAEX Support

      gocash is powered by MasterCard. You can make online payments using gocash travel card.

    • UAEX Support

      We provide two kinds of cards, personalized and regular. In the personlised version of the card, customer has his name mentioned on it. So for online payments also gocash is a perfect card.

      • Buguy

        In online payment, paying like a credit would mean more charges. If every transaction is charged, more money is lost.

        I suppose ill just continue using cashU as I only need to pay a charge when loading dollars, online transactions are free.

  20. Waleed Amjad

    hi, I want to know about charges of conversion and maintenance fees and other charges (If the cards has)
    Because there are some companies in UAE who charge like that and i dont want to lose money like that.

    please let me know if there are any fees or no. thank you.

    • UAEX Support

      gocash card comes with exchange rate lock facility, which means customers can lock the exchange rate at the time of loading the card. This will help you in saving the money from currency rate fluctuations. There is only a one time payment of AED 35. After that there is no other charges. Reloading of the card is free of any charge.

  21. cheng

    the passcode you can get when you read the manual its inside of the package of gocashcard.. ive been using my cash card a couple of times i also used in the atm machine.. its wonderful

  22. Naz

    Dear Sir,
    I have bought the gocash travel card few days ago from uae exchange and i have loaded the card with turkish liras.. Although the salesman told me that no pin code will be required when purchasing from gocash card, but when i tried to use it in the supermarket in turkey, it was asking for a pin code! where is the pin code written?

    • UAEX Support

      We thank you for your query.

      With regard to your enquiry, would like to inform you that, you may please contact our Card service centre at 02-6355625, as they will be able to assist you better in this regard.

  23. karthikeyan. R

    how can i register my card?

  24. mahmoud

    I need to ask why Syrian residents in dubai cant have the card while its a prepaid card I went one of your branches they told me that syrian can’t apply for it . Will be keened of you to explain the reson.


  25. sajmal

    How do I make online purchases using a gocash card???

  26. abdul rauf

    Can i use it for depositing in forex trading?

    • gocash is a prepaid travel card, which can be used for paying for purchases made while you are travelling. You can also use it for online purchases just like a credit / debit card. You can also withdraw money from any MasterCard ATM across the world. You can swipe it at any merchant location approved by MasterCard. For further information kindly contact on 02-6355625.

      For foreign exchange needs or Online Forex Booking, please visit this page http://www.uaeexchange.com/uae-exchange/forex

  27. Yvan

    when I try to login in the website it says session is always expired

    • UAEX Support

      Try logging into your account by using Internet Explorer browser, if you are still facing difficulty kindly provide us your contact details or contact the Go cash card services centre on 02-6355625 to allow us to assist you further.

  28. Sarelle

    Can you reload whilst still travelling? Or do you have to do it in the UAE? Can you do it via the Internet?

  29. MF

    I have some pounds in cash with me… is it possible for me load those pounds in this card?

  30. abed ahmed

    Dear sir
    i can buy by this card using my paypal account ????

  31. Manoel

    This card is truly awesome for the U.A.E Residence traveling abroad, however it would have been even greater if this gocash card was available for foreigners as well, so that they could also benefit from the card when they are in U..A..E. Why is this only available for U.A.E Residence ? It should be made available and beneficial to the tourists in U.A.E.
    Best Regards

    • Thank you for your kind words. We always aim at bringing value-laden products and services for customers like you. Your words of encouragement inspire us to strive further. gocash prepaid travel card is currently available only for UAE Residents.

      To register for this card, the customer has to submit this Emirates ID, Residence Visa page etc., as it is a regulatory requirement here. But you can load up to six currencies, which is a first of its kind facility in the GCC. Soon gocash prepaid travel card will be made available in other countries too.

  32. semmalai

    Dear sir,
    I need GOCASH card. what you required document, and what about rules & regulation. send me.

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