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Money transfer, foreign currency exchange, payment for credit cards, utility bills, subscriptions, airline tickets and more services await you at UAE Exchange, the leading global money transfer and foreign exchange brand. We are the only remittance brand to offer such a wide range of services under one roof.

For over three decades we, at UAE Exchange, have been relentlessly striving to bring as much convenience, to our customers, as possible. This aim has made us go beyond our core activities of global remittance and foreign currency exchange, offering a diverse range of products and services, which addresses most of the financial requirements of our customers, under a single roof, making  UAE Exchange a financial supermarket of sorts.

Our range of services include Xpress Money, the instant money transfer service with over 135,000 payout locations in more than 125 countries; FLASHremit, the real-time bank account credit service;, the convenient online money transfer portal by which money can be sent to any corner of the world in just a few clicks from an internet environment anywhere; Smart Pay, the leading payroll solution; gocash, the prepaid travel card; and XPay, the online bill payment service using mobile phone.

To make life more convenient for over 3.5 million customers and their dear ones, worldwide, we incessantly build our branch network, which today is the largest, in its class, with close to 600 branches across 30 countries. This aggressive expansion is in line with our aim to be our customers’ favourite neighbourhood brand. Strong correspondent banking relationship with over 150 global banks further adds to the convenience.

At UAE Exchange, we bolster the trust of our customers by enhancing the processes and securing their money transaction, using state-of-the-art technology built in-house by an expert technology team. This reiterates our dedication to quality and commitment to safeguard customers’ hard-earned money, while enhancing customer experience. Our standardised processes ensure that our customers get the same quality of service, no matter, which branch they walk in to, across the world.

On the corporate social responsibility front, we are working pro-actively with various reputed non-government organisations on various community development initiatives. As a responsible organisation, we have always been in the forefront to extend financial and non-financial aid for those affected during any contingency like flood, hurricane or problems more human. An environmentally conscious organisation, UAE Exchange is transforming into a ‘Green Corporate’ by associating with various environmental organisations like Emirates Environment Group (EEG).

Our zeal to be the best has given us the impetus to consistently maintain high quality in every aspect. This quest for excellence has helped us adopt stringent quality control measures at every stage of the process, which is monitored incessantly to ensure the best outcome. In this journey to excellence, we have earned not just the trust of various communities but also awards and recognition from various quarters like ENDP Best Partner Award, UAE Emiratisation Award, Dubai Quality Award, the Deutsche Bank STP Excellence Award, Best ‘Customer Service Week’ initiative implementation Award from the Government of UAE, Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award (SKEA), Banker ME Product Award and Dubai Service Excellence Scheme Award. Our penchant for perfection also earned us a place in the coveted list of Superbrands in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 consecutively.

Products and Services

Our wide range of products and services take care of our customers’ entire retail and corporate needs. This unique range is the largest in the segment.

For more information please log on to UAE Exchange corporate website


  1. Mohamed Firdous

    Now what is the exact service charge if I transfer money from uae exchange to IOB bank account in Chennai, India.

  2. Can i remit money from philippines thru moneygram in any branches of uae xpress here in dubai?

  3. claire

    hi! good day.. i just sent money to my bank account in phils. i sent almost 30,070 pesos. but when my husbnd checked d amount sent it was only around 29k, how come it was not d same amount i send? i still have the official receipt on me for the last transaction, i really would like to know the reason, thanks!

  4. Jid

    hi.. How can i recieve the money for this bank?im fromthe philippines and my friend sent me a money through this bank.. how?please helpme…

  5. pradeep


    Iam very much happy with ur services.

    The staff in ur branches are very helpful and customers friendly.

  6. Riasat Abir

    I sent money at Saturday from Vancouver to Bangladesh.
    Sunday and Monday were holiday. Now it’s Wednesday here.
    But the transaction has not been credited yet! How can I check the current status?

  7. muhammad.imran

    Hi. dear i have a paypal account and i have 
    some balance in my i withdraw these funds through uae exchange

  8. nagendra

    hi ,
    please can i have an idea regarding the withdraw period from uae to my country.

  9. Sadiq

    I have a credit card in uae which i owe some money. i lost my job in dubai and i came back to india. i got a job in india and i want to make payment to the credit card in uae.
      I have rak bank account number(not my account number since credit card does not have a account number), iban , swift code, bank name and branch. Tell me how can i make payment directly to rak bank account from india. i can pay in cash and the amount does not exceed 20000 Rupees.

  10. roy

    is it possible to send money from india to philippines ? how much indian rupee its service  charge?

    • UAEX Support

      To send money from India to Philippines for specific purposes approved by the Reserve Bank of India. Like

      1. Education Purpose.
      2. Medical Treatment.
      3. Employment.
      4. Immigration Visa.
      5. Registration /Subscription /Membership fees to International Organizations.

      Please note that the money can be transferred from India only to bank account in Philippines.

      Request you to kindly approach any of our nearby branches in India for further assistance regarding the rate and charges.

  11. Buba

    How much the fee to send money from dubai to indonesia ? How long it will take if I send to bank account in Indonesia ( BCA bank) ?  How can I check the exchange rate ? 
    Thank you

    • UAEX Support

      With regards to your enquiry, we would like to inform the following:

      1) The fee for transferring fund to a bank account in Indonesia from UAE is 15 AED.
      2) It takes a maximum of two working days for the transaction to be credited to the beneficiary account.
      3) As the rates are subject to fluctuation request you to kindly contact us on 600 555 550 for the updated rates.

  12. Jan

    I am still in the process to get my visa. So I do not have my passport, I have received my pay cheque and want to transfer the money to my Dutch bank account. Wwill it be possible to cash the cheque without passport. I have a valid Dutch drivers licence and copies of passport, entry visa and pink employment visa form.

  13. porsia

    hi can i pay my credit card/loan bills in qatar but issued in uae?

  14. Miguel

    Good day, may I know what are the requirement need to transfer money to a Bank account in the Philippines and how much will i be charge for a transaction. Thank you

  15. sijo varghese

    am facing a problem with money transaction…hope you will help me out.Actually i have an amount of 30000 Indian rupees in federal bank in India.But when i try to withdraw the money from some of the ATM s in sharjah i dont get the money.Is there any option through which i can get that money as dirhams from the federeal bank through your office?i reside in al qasmiya in sharjah.If so what are the necessary documents i should produce when i come for the transaction?
    Thanks in advance.

  16. LANA

    How much time it will take to transfer fund from Doha to SBI Kerala?

  17. Susmita Rai

    is it possible to send money from indai to dubai ???

    • UAEX Support

      It is possible to send money from India to abroad for specific purposes approved by the Reserve Bank of India:
      1.      Education Purpose.
      2.      Medical Treatment.
      3.      Employment.
      4.      Emigration Visa.
      5.      Registration /Subscription /Membership fees to International Organizations.
      Please note that the money can be transferred from India only to bank account in abroad.
      Request you to kindly inform your remitter to approach any of our nearby branches in India for further assistance regarding the rate and charges.

  18. april valdez

    I just want to ask if what are needed to bring when you do the bank transfer in uae exchange?
    because my purpose is to pay our company translation brochure in Kazakhstan by bank transfer it’s only 400+aed.
    what are the possible details needed?

    • UAEX Support

      For business transactions, the company needs to register as a corporate client by providing the following documents:

      a) Trade license copy (Commercial Register, commercial license and Partners details)

      b) Passport and Visa copy (Owner, Partners/ local sponsor)

      c) Any valid UAE ID of the authorized representative

      d) Corporate booklet containing letter of authorization, letter of indemnity, company full physical address etc. should be duly filled by the authorized signatory with the company stamp (Corporate booklet can be collected from our branches)

      e) Also you would be required to provide the invoice copy pertaining to the particular transaction.

  19. Malik Tari

    how much AED i can transfer to pakistan in one transaction. can i trasnfer 100,000 DHS 

  20. Roni

    hi i want to transfer fund from my friends account to my uae account. how much maximum amount  he can transfer to my account via uae Exchange. what are the documents required. 

  21. ZUBY

    how many days will it take TT from Dubai to settle in Switz account?

  22. Daniel

    Sir,i would like to send 50000 Aed. to my soninlaw savings account with SBI hyderabad. Any tax will deduct from his account?.kindly advice me.,,plz plz

    • UAEX Support

      We would like to inform that tax is applicable by the bank in India (depending on the account type) hence request you to kindly contact the beneficiary bank for further assistance.

  23. Roz

    Hi is it possible to pay for transfers out of the Philippines using a metrobank account to UK/Canada/Asia? Or do you have to present cash each time. It’s for a business, so would be fully verified.

    • UAEX Support

      Currently we do not have our operations setup in Philippine to assist you. Request you to kindly contact your nearest exchange house or bank in Philippine for further assistance.

  24. Mohammed

    hello sir,
    If I want to send money from Dubai to India to my Indian overseas bank account (Broadway branch), what is the procedure and what are the charges for that….kindly explain me briefly….

    • UAEX Support

      The procedure for sending money from Dubai to India are:

      1) We do have telegraphic transfer (TT – bank account transfer) facility to India.

      2) You will have to provide the full beneficiary account details which would include Account Name, Account Number, Bank Name, Branch Name, Branch Address.

      3) The charge for a telegraphic transfer to India  is 15 AED 

      4) You may visit any branch of UAE Exchange with your original Valid ID and documents substantiating your source of funds (i.e. bank statement, withdrawal slip etc) and the purpose of transfer to process your transaction.

  25. prasad

    Sir my cousin is working in dubai , she had deposited money into his father account for many times , now her parents could not contact her , we have bank statement with us , by using this transaction details can we identify from which bank she is transverses money or if possible her contact details , and we do not know which method did she followed ,, sir plz help in this sir …

  26. Abdu

    I want to transfer 65 000 AED (about 10 900 GBP) from UAE to UK by bank transfer.
    I would like to know what bank details is needed? Account Name,IBAN,etc? what exactly?

    Can I transfer this amount one time? or should I make few transfers? is there a limit of money transfer?

    What should I bring with me at the office, my cash , my id?

    • UAEX Support

      For telegraphic transfer (bank account transfer) facility to UK:

      1) You will have to provide the full beneficiary account details which would include Account Title, Account Number or IBAN (whichever is available), Bank Name, Branch Name, Branch Address and Sort Code.

      2) There is no maximum limit for a telegraphic transaction and the said amount can be transferred in a single transaction

      3) You may visit any branch of UAE Exchange with your original Valid ID and documents substantiating your source of funds (i.e. bank statement, withdrawal slip etc) and the purpose of transfer to process your transaction.

  27. Michael

    hey.i need to know how much is the maximum amount of money is that i can send from my dubai account to my uk account online?and can the limit of the amount can be lifted?

  28. Tariq Jamal

    I want to clear my credit card bill of First Gulf Bank from Pakistan. How can I do it. Do you have any service in Pakistan which I can use.


    Sir, if the beneficiary surname is wrong while other details like AC NO, Bank details are correct, will there be any issue with the funds being credited in the beneficiary account.

  30. thamilan

    hi sir i am in india now i have 4000 saudi riyal howmuch the exchange rate now

  31. Syed Mujtaba

    Hi Team,

    Can you please confirm me the status of the above transaction(XTT # – 9298029113636897), I have done this transaction from the Qatar UAE Xchange,as its quite some time still the money is not received by the recepient.

    • UAEX Support

      Funds are pending due to account number discrepancy. We couldn’t contact you due to wrong contact number. Kindly help us to get correct mobile number. Should you require any assistance, please call us at Tel: +974-44365252. Thanks.

  32. pasindu

    Money sent on 23rd from UAE xtt 4284928812392341 still not received! 

  33. chris cole


  34. samira al baloushi

    I want paypall card did u have this kind of card its use for online shopping. where is your location in sharjah.Thanks

  35. manuel it posible to send money from morocco to philipines through UAEexchange?im new here and working since last month..

  36. xinphyuphyusin

    Hi,l’d like to send money to myanmar by western union. If i can,what data i need.pls kindly explain me. Thank you

  37. mallika

    Dear Sir,
    kindly explain me how can i send money from Dubai to India through bank transfer an how much is the minimum and maximum value

  38. Riyas

    Can I send Money from Delhi to Dubai to my friend?

  39. sathish

    SATHISH:Dear sir, I have 2crore Indian rupees in mashreq bank account in UAE and . Want tontransfer them to my India account.What are the requirements and rules or I can send by giving check directly.Please advise me…explain me properly…

    • UAEX Support

      We are only accepting UAE Dirham for payments of transaction from UAE to India. For further clarification or assistance request you to kindly contact our customer care on 600 555 550.

  40. TINU

    MY friend has transferred some money from Dubai to INDIA (kerala) SBI branch . on SEPTEMBET 12 by 8:00PM (dubai timing) … but stil now SEPTEMBER 13 th 1:30 PM ( indian time) it does not credited to my account.. minimum how much time it will take to credit

  41. manjesh

    i would like to know how fast can u send money from london to kerala . plz specify the time in hours 
    and what would be the charges applicable.

    plz reply soon as i need to transfer immedieatly

    thank you

  42. Nivash Kumar

    How much maximum amount i can transfer from UAE to India in a day/Month??

    • UAEX Support

      With regards to your enquiry, we would like to request you to kindly inform which mode of transfer i.e. bank transfer, Xpress Money, Western Union etc. If it is  bank transfer let us know the bank name also to assist you better.

  43. Frank Persey

    I want to know the maximum amount to send by Remittance from Malaysia to Cameroon. How long is it going to take

  44. mithila v

    i want to send aed 45000 to bank a/c in india. how can i sent and what will be the charges do i need to pay? pls reply

    • UAEX Support

      There actually is no limit to transfer money to individual accounts to India and the charges for bank transfer to India is 15 AED regardless of the amount. 

  45. Pinky

    I have a quite a lot of coins from qatar and a few euro cents..and am from India.. If i give it to nearest uae exchange.. Will i receive the converted Indian rupees then itself?

  46. Ritu


    I’d like to send £10,000 to India via bank transfer. I realize i have to come to one of your branches. What are the documents you would need from me to register and do the transfer to Indian bank account. Also what will be the charges?


    • UAEX Support

      The documents required for sending money from UK to India are mentioned below.

      In order to transfer GBP 10,000.00 to India via bank transfer you can either go to one of our branches in London or use our online web portal to transfer the funds and avail 25% discount on the charges. You can use debit/credit cards and also transfer using your online banking.

      To send £10,000.00 you need to be registered with us by providing us a valid photo ID ( Passport or DVLA )and an address proof ( Utility Bill or bank statement not older than 3 months).

      In case you want to use our online web portal then all the above mentioned documents needs to be attested either by a solicitor /GP /  Banker or in a post office. Once these documents are attested the same can be sent via post to the UK HO :

      UAE Exchange UK Ltd
      14-15 Carlisle street
      London W1D 3BS

      The charges for transferring £ 10,000.00 would be GBP 10.50 but online it will cost £ 7.88( after 25% discount on charges)


    I would like to send express money from UAE to INDIA How much is the maximum limit.

  48. Abruz

    how long it will take to tnasfer from malaysia to any bank in uae

    • UAEX Support

      The bank transfers from Malaysia to UAE will take 2-3 working days time to get the funds in to the account. Where as the instant money transfers will ready for pick up within an hour.

  49. Arindam Ghosh

    Hi, just need to know if I transfer money from Dubai to India thru UAE Exchange worth AED 1000 to 1500, how much transfer fees will require or you will charge for the same?

  50. Jamie

    can I come into an uae exchange branch at emirates mall with cash and send to a UK bank account as I am bein payed cash in hand and need to send money home thanks . or is there some other way to do it as I canot set up a bank account yet because I don’t have a visa

    • UAEX Support

      We do have the facility for sending money to a bank account in UK. Customer has to come to the branch with the complete beneficiary bank account details in UK with your valid ID to process the transaction. You can make the payment either by cash or Cheque mode. For more enquiry, you can contact our UAE customer care at 600 555 550, or check your nearest UAE Exchange Branch Details.

  51. hidayatullah khan

    my problem has solved

  52. Jej

    How much time it will take for transferring money from UAE EXCHANGE sharjah to Qatar Islamic Bank Doha?

  53. hidayatullah khan

    hi I am every time send money by flash to india but last Friday 02.aug. I send money with xtt.10011921413508397 this money not yet found beneficiary.

  54. john

    do you have any service to transfer money to paypal account? 

    thanks in advance

  55. chris


    I just want to inquire. I have a U$ dollar account back home (Philippines). I am currently working in Abu Dhabi. How much will be the charge in AED if will send the money and credited to my U$ dollar account and how much the exchange rate from AED to U$? 

    • UAEX Support

      Bank transfer in Philippines USD account are 18 AED, backend charges in addition is applicable depending on the beneficiary bank In Philippines. Furthermore the current indicative board rate of UAE Exchange for US Dollar is 3.68 against UAE dirham (TT rate). The mentioned rate is indicative and is subject to change. You can approach any of our nearby UAE Exchange branches for conducting the transaction.

  56. John

    Hi, how can my family send money from Philippines to here in UAE? How much will be the charge for 2000 AED? Thanks!

  57. faisal

    i wanna bring the money from Pakistan so i want to know how can i ? and how much it will charge

    • UAEX Support

      t present we don’t have any branch set up in Pakistan. Kindly approach any of your nearest exchange houses or banks in Pakistan, as they will be able to assist you better.

  58. reddy

    I need to send money to my friend in sydney,australia
    i.e to an australian bank
    I am sending from india to australia
    And what is charge and what is the maximum i can send in one transaction.i am plannig to send 4lakhs
    Can you suggest me the nearest or available branches in Hyderabad,Andhra Pradesh,india thro’ i can send


    • UAEX Support

      It is possible to send money from India to Australia for specific purposes approved by the Reserve Bank of India.

      1. Education Purpose.
      2. Medical Treatment.
      3. Employment.
      4. Emigration Visa.
      5. Registration /Subscription /Membership fees to International Organizations.

      Please note that the money can be transferred from India only to bank account in Australia.

      Request you to kindly approach any of our nearby branches in India for further assistance.

  59. Ahmed


    I would like to transfer 265 Pound to UK from Dubai, I will be paying the value in Dhirams, How much is the remittance fee for the same?

    Please let me know.

  60. John

    How to check the status of my salary on-line? Thanks!

  61. Rashik chhetri

    I’m rashik.I’ve made an account in Himalayan bank,nepal from your delma mall branch.its almost 3 month and still i didnt get any calls any sms from your side.after making account after 1 month i called delma mall branch then they told me that signauture is missing.what a shame.they have my number but after i called then then they informed me.and again i made the signature and its almost 35 days but no any response from your side.
    So i want to cancel this transcation and i don’t want this can u clease brief me about the cancellation process.

  62. Nova Galang

    how much is the rate when sending money from Philippines to UAE? Please answer immediately..

    • UAEX Support

      Please be informed that, at present we don’t have any branch set up in Philippines. Kindly approach any of the nearest exchange houses as they will assist you better in this regard

  63. Mohammed Zakaria

    I want to send an amt frm india to abu dhabi…cn u jst tell me wht is da max amt that we cn send nd wat will be da charges for dem… plz reply fast

  64. Exequiel Vendivil


    I send money to bank last june 3, 2013 in Al Sadd branch, Doha Qatar to Philippines, up to now my bank in the Philippine have not receive the money. Any problem in your system? other remittance company will take only 1 day, but in UAE exchange they said 2 to 3 days, but for me its already 5 days but not yet received.

    • UAEX Support

      With regard to your enquiry, would like to inform that the same has been forwarded to the concerned officials in Qatar.
      Thanking you & assuring you of our best services at all times.

  65. Yaseen


    I want to send money from UAE to a bank account in Pakistan. Tell me the normal processing time and charges. And also tell me the selected banks for flash remit in Pakistan and charges.

    • UAEX Support

      You can send money to your bank account in Pakistan.

      1) It will be processed and credited to the beneficiary account within 24 to 48 working hours.

      2) Transfer charges are Aed.15/. (Free transfer for more than 100 USD equal to PKR rupees)

      3) We do have the flash remittance facility with UBL bank in Pakistan.

  66. rakshit

    is there any limit to send money to india from bahrain (Any govt rules) please inform me.

    • While sending money to India, there is no limit on the amount to be sent via Bank Transfer for personal purpose, though there will be a limit on each transaction option as such. For commercial purposes the maximum about to be sent in a day is INR 200,000.

      Instant Money Transfer through Xpress Money has a limitation of INR 100,000 per receiver, which is divided and paid with INR 50k in the form of cash and cheque respectively to the beneficiary.

  67. ram

    I need to send some funds from India – to Qingdao China – on a personal name – thru Western Union.. But when i approached UAE exchange in Tamilnadu India – KAraikudi – I was asked for the Bank Account details of the Beneficiary - 
    Usually Western Union Transfers do not need Bank Account details - 
    What is next step for me to move the funds ? 
    pls revert… 

  68. James Abuda

    There is a UAE Exchange branch here in Morocco can i send money to Philippines?

  69. Linil Kuruvilla

    We have customers in India and we are a registered company in the UAE. Our customers want to pay us their amount to our account in UAE. Could you let us know the requirements for the same. Again, is it easier if we open a bussiness account with UAE xchange.

    Thank you

  70. abraham

    I would to transfer 25000 AED to my NRE account at a time. what would be the service charges?

    • UAEX Support

      Hi there,
      Service charges while sending money to Inda NRE account, is AED 15 per transaction and if the amount is more than AED 2000, valid id is required to do the money transfer.

  71. HARIS

    hi can i make a transfer from india to dubai?

  72. Joel Martin

    I would like to make transfer money to the bank account in the Philippines. How much the charges and how to compute the exchange rate? and is there another charge when receiving the money on the bank in the Philippines? for example, i want only 10,000pesos will credit in the bank account in the Philippines. how much it will cost?

    • Telegraphic transfer is available while money transfer from UAE to Philippines Bank Account which will be credited within 24-48 working hours. Transfer charges are AED 18 and back end charges approximately 100 php. The current indicative rate for Philippine Peso for bank transfer 1 Aed = 10.99 php as the rate for Philippine Peso mentioned is indicative rate only, for 10,000 php the total amount is approximately 928 AED.

      You can approach and transfer money from any of UAE Exchange branches with your valid ID.

  73. vivek

    i would like to send 20000 aed(approximate 3lacs IRS) to my brother savings account with SBI for family expenses. Any tax will deduct from his account?.kindly advusee me.thanks

    • The amount you send to a savings account in India is not taxable. But if that amount accrues some interest from that bank, then that interest amount will be taxable.
      Alternatively you can also choose to send it to your NRE account, from where your beneficiary can withdraw through authorised means i.e. either through a cheque signed by you or through ATM. Amount sent to NRE account is not taxable.
      Hope that helps!

  74. Rahul

    I would like to pay back my loan in uae. I have money in my indian bank nre account. Is there any way i can transfer that money to pay back the loan ? Is there a limit to transfer money from india to Dubai ? Kindly advice how can i do it 

  75. Jenila George

    Kindly let me know if i can transfer USD converted to indian money to  my Indian account or how can i do it? and what is the charges

  76. Ellizabeth John

    Thank you for your reply.Any documents required for currency exchange

  77. I would like to know whether I can convert currency i.e.from AED to INR. What are the charges for the same and if any documents required for an amount less than AED 2000 or no docs required applies to remittance only. #Elizabeth John

      Comment Reply

    We do have the facility for exchanging AED to INR in our branches and there will not be any additional charges for doing the same.

    If you would like to send money to India, our charges are AED 15 per transaction and if the amount is less than AED 2000, no documents required to do the money transfer.

  78. jose

    Hello Sir,
    How many days need to transfer money from sharjah to my bank account in kerala (punjab national bank )

  79. Eva


    Wanted to know if uae exxchange  is in the uk, any branches in and around wembley so i could get an account open to transfer money to the nri account in India through telegraphic transfer  and what is the charge per transaction.


  80. adarsh

    I need to buy a car in UAE and use my 2,50,000 INR from indian bank account. Is there a limit on sending money from India to Dubai. And what will be the amount i will lose on charges and exchange rate?

    • It is possible to send money from India to the UAE for specific purposes as approved by the Reserve Bank of India. The approved purposes are:

      1. Education
      2. Medical Treatment
      3. Employment
      4. Emigration Visa
      5. Registration / Subscription / Membership fees to International Organisations.

      Please note that the money can be transferred from India only to a bank account in the UAE.

      Request you to kindly approach any of our nearby branches in India for any further assistance.

  81. Jaf

    I would like to send money from UK to UAE? How much is the maximum limit I can send? What’s te required document? How much is the fees?

    I’m planing to buy a property in uae an thinking of the best option to send the money.

  82. Navjit Singh

    I need to transfer money from India to my relative in Dubai, The amount i need to pay is 3100AED. kindly let me know the procedure and amount to be paid.

  83. saran

    Hi, I just want to inquire .
    Do you exchange foreign coins or not coz i have lot of coins from different countries…..

  84. Sharanya


    I would like to know that how much time it will take to transfer money from UAE Exchange Dubai to my Bank Account, which is in Kerala..

  85. Muhammad waqas majeed

    Respected ,

    I would like to know that i want to send money to Pakistan  through UAE exchange.. I am working here, So what data should be i required ? Anything except Pakistan bank accout number? i have an account in HBL what else needed?

    Thanks & Regards

  86. KINSEY

    Pls, can western union or money gram send money out from Iran? Or they only receive?

  87. Imran

    UAE Exchange – Worse service in Surat-Gujarat-India.

    • We would like to thank you for your gesture of pointing out to the management your experience with our Surat Branch and we also deeply regret the inconvenience caused to you. We would like to assure you that at UAE Exchange, we always endeavor to provide maximum customer comfort and request you to kindly provide your contact details to allow us to investigate further.

  88. hi i want to know if what banks available in the philippines i can send money here in Abu Dhabi thanks

  89. spiro

    hello i am from pakistan and i want to get an account in your bank without visiting UAE is that possible i am not working in UAE.

  90. Faisal Ali

    hey…..myself faisal…..i wanna transfer my money from pakistan to india….to my frend adi….is that possible to send him money without any problem??
    Or any problem will create to my frnd while recieving the money??

  91. ali ahmad

    hi i want to send 100 aed from abu dhabi to sharja so tell me how much charges in this situation

  92. iqbal

    Hi i want to send 1000 aed to my wife in srinagar india from dubai. What will be your charges? And which banks u have tied up in srinagar kashmir?

  93. Jose Paul Sharon

    I had some money in my dubai islamic bank account. Im in kuwait now and my visa of UAE is cancelled. I had the debit card of the said bank. Can I be able to transfer the money online to India using that debit card. Please guide me. Thanks in advance…

  94. Asif Hussain

    please sir guide me how can i receive money by my relative from pakistan to uae and what is the procedure i send money from uae to pakistan but i now i need some money from pakistan to here in uae so i don’t know what i the procedure please guide me

  95. Rameez waqas

    Hello i have 200 $ in my paypal  account and now i m in dubai. i want  to cash my 200 $ in dubai. so plz tell me can i cash my paypal money. if yes so what is the prosigar .

  96. Jonathan

    Hi, I visited a branch on Monday (22 October 2012) afternoon 5 p.m. to send money directly to a bank account in Malaysia. I was told that the money will get through to the bank account by Wednesday which is today (24 October 2012). I checked with my beneficiary but he has yet to receive the money. May I know if the Beneficiary bank address is wrong, will the money still go through? ..Given that the account number, bank branch and bank name is correct. Thank you. Kindly respond to me as soon as possibe. Cheers 

  97. vaibhav

    hi .

    i want to know how to transfer money from dubai to india and what will be the charges applicable how much money can we send at a time

  98. Lida

    I would like to know if I receive money from Iran in Dubai. Would I be able to receive the money in euros? Or will I receive it in derhams? Please respond to me ASAP
    thanks in advance 

    • UAEX Support

      With regards to your enquiry, would like to inform that as of now we do not have the facility of receiving funds from Iran. Request you to kindly check with any nearby exchange house in Iran for further assistance.

  99. Rashid Abdullah

    Hi, Can I send money to my Paypal account from UAE exchange?

    THank you!

  100. seema

    I want to send money to pak and i have western union card of my brother in law. He has given me cash yesterday. How can i send money to pak thru brother in law’s western union card and the money he has given me to send to pak. Plz reply now bc i have to go there today any how.

  101. can i ask aquestion regarding on how to transfer the money of my husband in my account.

  102. Bhushan

    Do you have any tie ups with Nepalese Remittance companies? What would be the general process for entering into an remittance agreement with your company for Nepal?

  103. Manish Madhavan

    Why don’t you include promotions such as money majlis, etc for your jordan customers….Please think on it…i think you are just concentrating on your UAE customers only…

  104. jan marquee

    hi, do you have FLASHRemit from Qatar to Philippines?

  105. kashmala

    Hi , i want to send money to UAE from Pakistan , what are the charges ? processing time and form where we can send it here from Pakistan >?

    reply soon


  106. Panagiotis

    Hi,I’d like to ask if I can transfer money from another bank to a smart pay card and how much will the bank fee be.

    • Smart Pay card is a payroll card in to which, only salaries can be transferred. Individuals cannot load money in to it. At UAE Exchange, you can transfer money in to your family’s VISA Credit / Debit card, back in your home country from UAE. You can also purchase gocash travel card from any of the UAE Exchange branches in the UAE and load money in to it for your use while travelling outside UAE. Currently gocash card is available in the following currencies: INR, GBP, USD and EURO. 

  107. Hitesh Arora

    Hi,I want to have frequent transfer from UK (GBP) say salary and expenses every month in GBP to UAE. Currently i am doing this to my HSBC UAE Account for which I have IBN No, Swift code and accuont no but they are charging me small fee every time for this and not attractive exchange rate as well. Can this be done to UAE Exchange if I can open an account with you guys.
    Thanks. Hitesh

  108. Justin Moskowitz

    I did get a grasp of your value proposition but I would like to ask you a more important question: what differentiates you from other remittance services such as MoneyGram, WesternUnion and what competitive edge do you have against global P2P money transfer service such as PayPal. Answering these questions, I believe would help you thrive in the already fierce remittance market. 

  109. viki

    I am on visit in sharjah. I want to send some money to pakistan. what will be the procedure. and what documents required to send money.
    I have only photocopy of My visa and passport but I have my original id card of pakistan.

  110. shoaib

    did  send money on my alertpay account through uae exchange ?

  111. asmis

    Hey Guys Please help me.I am in India I want to send money to  my girlfriend account in Pakistan ..How can i do that ?

  112. Jazlin Leana


    I just want to inquire some things about remittances.

    I just recently sent money to a bank account. i just want to know if it is part of the requirements to know the reason of sending money, aside from stating the ‘family maintenance and savings purposes’ upon the transaction. An agent from the branch i had been, called on my mobile the day after I sent the money, asking me these questions:
    1. What is the purpose of the money you sent?
    2. Do you have a bank account (in the place where I am residing right now)
    3. Where do you work and what is your job position?
    4. When do you need the money to be transferred to the account?

    I answered his questions accordingly. But honestly, I did not feel good on the way the agent was asking me. I don’t know if it is still your requirements or part of his job to know further information after the transaction has already been made. He also said that anyway, the money has already been transmitted to the bank, and the bank still needs these information from me. If he is saying that the money has already been transmitted, then why does he still has to ask me further information? I hope you can enlighten me on these matter. Thank you very much.

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