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If you are among those who look for speed and reliability before you use a money transfer service, then Xpress Money should be your first choice to send money to your loved ones. Xpress Money is a leading global instant money transfer brand that is registered in the United Kingdom. The brand has grown at an outstanding pace with over 100,000 agent locations spread across 100 countries across the globe, in just over a decade.



Xpress Money has earned the name of the being the fastest growing instant money transfer brand because of its world class service and state-of-the-art technology. The money transfer service offers simple and
customer-friendly services
  • The high speed – it only takes a few minutes to transfer money across the world
  • An automatic SMS sent to the sender when the money is collected by the recipient
  • A bank account isn’t needed to send or receive money


Apart from this Xpress Money offers some special services that are available in select countries
  • Anywhere Payout – The sender doesn’t need to specify a particular receive agent location and the beneficiary may collect money from any agent across the country
  • Door Delivery – To ease the hassle of pay-out Xpress Money offers to deliver money straight to the beneficiaries door-step
  • Account Credit – Money may be sent directly to a bank account
  • Cash to Mobile – Your mobile phone could be a bank account and money may be sent to the receiver’s mobile number



Xpress Money Transaction Process

Send Now, Receive Now:

How to Send Money

  • Visit any Xpress Money send agent
  • Fill out a send money form
  • Make sure that the beneficiary’s name is spelt correctly
  • Hand over amount to be transferred and transfer charges
  • Give the beneficiary the unique 16 digit XPIN number

How to Receive Money

  • Visit the receive agent
  • Hand over official photo ID
  • Present 16 digit XPIN number
  • Money is paid out in minutes

Please visit your nearest Xpress Money Agent Location


  1. Brown ifili

    I was sent money via xpress money yesterday and i track it for collecting today and showing cash collected. Is it possible the sender collected it back?

  2. elly

    My friend sent money from canada but the money express bank of canada in Malaysia told me that i need to pay government taxes first.. why?????

  3. Mohammed

    I have reseved SMS from you
    Spin : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-funds collected by your beneficiary – xpress mony is happy to serve you

    I don’t know what’s that 
    Plz replay me

    • UAEX Support

      Mentioned SMS pertains to a confirmation of receipt of funds by the beneficiary. If you have not conducted any Xpress Money transaction and you are not the intended recipient of the message request you to kindly contact Xpress Money on +971-2-5102222 for further assistance.

  4. Elvie

    A friend of mine want to send some money from australia, is he can send thru express money (australia to dubai)

  5. jv mondez

    whats the easiest way to send from UAE to phil, is direct bank deposit possible if i have an account in metrobank? how long does it take to verify a new beneficiary of a western union member?thanks

    • UAEX Support

      Bank transfer facility is available with us as well as instant cash facility to transfer funds to Philippines. We would also like to mention that Western Union is an instant cash product and hence the transaction should be available immediately at the receiving agent.

  6. victor ejike

    how can i track a transfer?

  7. jai

    i want to buy a product from usa,they asked me to money order to their adress.so can u send me the process

    • UAEX Support

      Kindly visit any branch of UAE Exchange in UAE with your valid ID and documents substantiating the source and purpose of transaction to purchase a draft under the beneficiary name. The draft will be provided to you at the same time and will be valid for three months from the date of issue.

  8. siraz


    • UAEX Support

      With regards to your enquiry, would like to inform that it is possible to send money from India to Dubai for specific purposes approved by the Reserve Bank of India. Like

      1. Education Purpose.
      2. Medical Treatment.
      3. Employment.
      4. Emigration Visa.
      5. Registration /Subscription /Membership fees to International Organizations.
      Please note that the money can be transferred from India only to the bank account in Dubai. The remitter has to approach any of our nearby branches in India as online facility is not available currently for transactions originating from India. Request you to kindly provide us the remitter contact details to allow us to assist them further.

  9. maj

    how long i can keep my money with xpress money?

  10. Danielle

    good day, I am originally from Los Angeles and now migrated to Philippines, my friend send me money through Xpressmoney and was addressed to LA, can I still claim it here in Philippines or my sender needs to go back to the remittance agent where he sent the money?

    • UAEX Support

      Money sent through Xpress Money can only be collected from the destination country mentioned, while processing the transaction. Hence kindly request your remitter to visit the sending agent to reissue the transaction.

  11. Vijay Kumar

    I want to send money from China (Shenzhen) to Indian Account.
    Please let me know the procedure and the Transaction details.
    Please reach me on my mobile +86 15220100275.

    Vijay Musipatla

  12. chona


    I need to transfer money to a bank account in indonesia to pay for visa application purposes. I am in Manila, Philippines. Can Express Money help?

    Thank you,

  13. Jessica Liangcungco

    How can i get my money from qatar to my bank account

  14. hussain

    HOw can i.transfer money from india to maldives. I need to tranfer in US dollars will the reciver get the cash in USD or MALDIVIAN RUFIYAA. Thank you.

    • UAEX Support

      It is possible to send money from India to other country for specific purposes approved by the Reserve Bank of India:

      1. Education Purpose.
      2. Medical Treatment.
      3. Employment.
      4. Emigration Visa.
      5. Registration /Subscription /Membership fees to International Organizations.
      Please note that the money can be transferred from India only to the bank account in other country.

      Request you to kindly approach any of our nearby branches in India for further and assistance

  15. yolanda

    my friend from dubai send money to express money branch there and he gave me the 16 digit  XPIN no. but unfortunately when i check the transfer status it says invalid pin..how do i know what is the right pin no. since i saw the receipt where the pin no.that my friend gave me the same pin no.that found in the receipt…pls help us..to settled this issue

    • UAEX Support

      With regards to your enquiry we would like to reconfirm the XPIN number through the tracking facility available on http://www.xpressmoney.com. 

    • yolanda

      my friend from dubai went to the UAE exchange to settled the issue about the wrong pin.no. that the branch there gave to him and plan to resend again via express money.but unfortunately for the second time the branch there gave to him an already claimed pin no.which was made us annoying and disappointed,because when i check online .i found out that the said pin no.is already collected.as he confronted the branch manager they said to return the money after 3days..my goodness how will it come that they gave an already used pin.no.how do we make sure that the money we send to our loveones is really safe and protected from all unexpected issues.can u help my friend in dubai?coz he really dont know what to do….this is his mobile no can u call him and help him what to do..00971559570301 his name is tarek..pls we need your help as soon as possible

  16. niniel

    i receive sms from xpressmoney that i was insured for 15000aed and advise my beneficiary to bring valid id photo. together with the xpin 16digit number. how true this news? let me know and how my beneficary can claim the said prize. 

  17. noel cancio

    Am from gil puyat, pasay city. I would like to know if where can i find the office location of ur agents within my vicinity?

  18. Vivien ramos

    Can send money from india to philippines?

    • UAEX Support

      To send money from India to Philippines for specific purposes approved by the Reserve Bank of India:

      1. Education Purpose.
      2. Medical Treatment.
      3. Employment.
      4. Emigration Visa.
      5. Registration /Subscription /Membership fees to International Organizations.
      Please note that the money can be transferred from India only to the bank account in Philippines.

      Request you to kindly approach any of our nearby branches in India or for further and assistance

  19. Sandra Linc

    what does it take or required to transfer money via xpress money from Australia to a Nigerian bank account.and how long does it take to reflect in the account?

  20. Shiju Valiyaveettil

    I want to know how can I receive money from India without bank A/C

  21. jennifer santos

    I just want to ask what should I do my husband sent me money from Saudi but the problem is here in Kuwait where I work my visa is been renewed last Oct. 18, 2013 but my civil id will be out only after one month. the question is how can I claimed my remittance now?
    Please help me. Thank you!

  22. amy

    i sent a huge amount in the philippines and got an sms from UAE exchange to give feedback by sending YES /NO to 6000 if satisfied with the service and may able to got a free gift :-) i did tried but the message is always failed.

    • UAEX Support

      We have checked with the service providers and the SMS service is working fine. We request you to kindly try again by composing a new SMS and sending it to 6000 or kindly contact us on 600 555 550 for further assistance.

  23. Tatiana

    What is the nearest branch of Express money transfer. I am living in tecom area.

  24. Meriem

    My friend in UAE send me some money Xpress  money 
    How man revive money in Sweden where ? Can i find 

  25. Sher Ahmad

    I sent money to Pakistan, 2 times through UAE Exchange Center, when my cousin went to Bank for collection, in Pakistan MCB bank told him that the Number is not valid, and Punjab Bank told him that website is down….I just request the Express Money Management to please take serious action on such cases, you will loose your business and the customers as well…….my friends told me, that they do send money through western union, and they get quick services…..

    • UAEX Support

      We deeply regret the inconvenience caused to you. We would like to assure you that at UAE Exchange, we always endeavor to provide maximum customer comfort. Your representation has been taken in the right perspective and forwarded to the concerned officials for consideration. Also request you to kindly provide your transaction number or your contact number to allow us to assist you further.



  27. dexter

    xpress money – any where payout – philippines, can we have list of where can we claim xpress money in the phillines

  28. Howell Tungol

    my friend in UAE sent me some money. He was able to provide me th 16 digit transaction nos. or what you call X-Pin. however, upon checking here in the Philippines, it’s not available

  29. regina arciaga

     i send money in the philippines yesterday july 5, 2013 my daughter  message me because they dont accept her id..she use postal id..is there any id required for getting the money in cebuana lhuillier?thanks…

  30. ikechukwu

    i just sent money to nigeria through your services. I have not even sent the beneficiary the information he will use to pick the money , next thing i saw on my phone was a message from xpress money -Funds collected by your beneficiary – Xpress Money is happy to Serve you.

  31. Silvina

    I have received the below sms, and I am worried because I have NOT used your services. Please give me urgent respose.

    Xpin: 1548431541377165-Funds collected by your beneficiary – Xpress Money is happy to Serve you.

    • UAEX Support

      Further to our discussion with you over phone, please be informed that your number was entered by mistake, due to which you happened to receive the SMS. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

  32. mozammel hosen

    your exchange have paypal money any system


    Until how many days we can claim the money sent for us? Will it be return to sender if not claim by the beneficiary? Thanks.

  34. emir joaquin molines

    May i just ask if it is possible to send money from Philippines to UAE?

  35. aileen

    how long it takes when u send from bahrain to philippines

  36. Ben

    Please kindly inform me if you have this service in Nigeria and the locations/agents. Thanks

  37. ram

    Pls get me the contact details of Xpress money agents in Qingdao China or adjacent areas..

  38. Camille

    Can you please provide a list of Xpress Money agent representative in the Philippines?
    thank you!

  39. JAMES

    Please provide a list of Xpress Money agent representatives in Billings,Montana. USA

    • UAEX Support

      Currently we do not have any Xpress money agent in Billings, Montana in USA.
      More over we would like to inform that current xpress money has agent in the below locations.
      6.Jersey City
      7.New Jersey
      8.New York New
      10.Washington DC

  40. Abdullah

    V v good effort of express money and khyber news and express money, we watch the show every Thursday and Friday on khyber news, we like this show, plz expand this show to Malaysia, we want them n Malaysia, plz plz plz ask khyber news to visit Malaysia, thanks a lot express money and khyber news for the great effort, we really enjoy it show

  41. Rubi

    Please provide a list of Xpress Money agent representatives in Toronto Canada, in order to remit a transfer originated in Dubai UAE. I have gone to four different locations that advertized your logo on the window but they not longer represent you???

    • List of Xpress Money Agent Representative in Toronto, Canada

      Agent Name


      Babylon Monetary Services Inc – Toronto – Scarborough Br


      1746, Lawrence Avenue East Scarborough Toronto Ontario


      T Accounting Firm – Parliament Street Br


      330, Parliament Street, . Toronto Toronto Ontario


      1862927 Ontario Inc. – Park Dale Toronto Br


      1221 King Street West . Toronto Ontario Ontario


      Tzee International Inc – Thorncliffe Parkdrive Br


      30-2 Thorncliffe Parkdrive Toronto Toronto Ontario


      Bollywood and Variety – Overlea Blvd – Toronto Br


      5A- 25, Overlea Blvd, . Toronto Ontario


      Al Jannat Supermarket Inc – Kennedy Road – Scarborough Br


      678 Kennedy Road , Scarborough, M1K2B5 Toronto Ontario Ontario


      Zass international – Denforth Avenue Br


      1-3096, Denforth Avenue . Toronto Ontario Ontario


      D Easy Calling Solution Communication Inc – St Clair Ave Br


      2393, St Clair Avenue West, . Toronto Ontario Ontario


      Family Food Mart – Eglinton Ave West Br


      Unit #4, 2468 Eglinton Ave West Toronto Ontario Ontario


  42. dal

    how to transfer money to malaysia? how mch is the charge?

  43. Asim Khan

    i couldnt find the the charges of xpress money from peshawar paksitan to UAE.

  44. charles

    is this service available in Nigeria from Malaysia?

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